Parenting Coordinator in Perth

Parenting Coordinator in Perth: Dr Raileen Merlino

Are you looking for a trusted and expertised Parenting Coordinator in Perth, Western Australia?

You’ve come to the right place. I’m Dr Raileen Merlino, a clinical psychologist with over 17 years’ experience.

The role of a Parenting Coordinator is to help facilitate communication and agreement on parenting or custody issues. Although Parent Coordinators don’t need to be therapists, my years of therapy experience are an invaluable asset when it comes to addressing disputes, improving dialogue, and managing parenting plans in the most effective way possible.

Help is at hand

As you navigate your own unique journey, you may be experiencing a range of emotions including anger, confusion, frustration and sadness. Although this can be a challenging time, I draw on my skills as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Clinical Psychologist in order to assist you to communicate effectively to resolve conflicts, and manage negative or draining emotions; all while helping you adhere to court orders and implement parenting agreements.

I don’t take sides. My role is objective and impartial, and it is about providing fair and balanced facilitation.

Separation and divorce can be difficult, but with a trusted Parenting Coordinator by your side, you won’t feel alone, you’ll feel supported and understood.

I know the challenges you face. Let’s face them together.

Help is also at hand for legal professionals, health & medical professionals, & other allied service providers.

Your clients are your priority, and you want to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. Rest assured, they’ll be in good hands: