Dr Raileen Merlino - Clinical Psychologist in Perth

Looking for a clinical psychologist in Perth?

Hi, I’m Dr. Raileen Merlino.

As a clinical psychologist in Perth with over 18 years’ experience, I pride myself on helping clients work through life’s everyday difficulties and mental health disorders. One of my areas of expertise is transgender issues, gender dysphoria/identity, and sexuality.

The foundation of my work is built on empathy, expertise, compassion, professionalism and objectivity. I’ve helped people of all genders, all walks of life and all ages, with nearly all problems. I look forward to helping you too.


Clinical Psychology

Whether you have a diagnosed mental health disorder or are struggling with emotions, trauma, relationships, life decisions or everyday challenges, I can assist.

Forensic Expertise

My services include detailed and timely assessments and reports. I’m honoured to be the preferred Perth psychologist for several legal professionals.

Family Dispute Resolution

Reduce stress, converse in a neutral environment & save on court costs. Get the outcome that is in the best interests of everyone, especially your children.

Parent Coordinator

As a Parenting Coordinator, I’ll effectively help facilitate communication and agreement on parenting or custody issues.

Why Choose?

I understand that contacting a psychologist can be a simple step for some, and an enormous step for others.

At the heart of it, psychology is about having a trusted and relaxed conversation – just like with a friend.

The difference is that a psychologist offers tools, strategies and skills to help you overcome problems and manage mental health disorders.

Choosing a psychologist is a personal decision. The Why Choose page may help.

Photo of Dr. Raileen Merlino with her dog

I have registrations and affiliations with the following associations

Australian Health
Regulation Agency
Australian Professional
Association for Trans Health
Australian and New Zealand
Association of Psychiatry,
Psychology and Law
Association of
Family and
Conciliation Courts

Locally, regionally or internationally — let’s talk.

I’m proud to work with people as local as Perth, and as far afield as Singapore. Local clients have face-to-face consultations in my Murdoch practice, while regional, interstate and international clients enjoy consultations via phone or video platforms.